European Community Customers: don't have to pay for custom fees. They have to pay instead for VAT which is 22% (italian VAT). So for istance out of 122€ order, 22€ is vat. Vat is already applied to our product, so the price shown in their chart is exactly what they are going to pay.

European Professional Customers: according to EU law, registered companies with a valid tax ID (VAT number) don't have to pay for VAT, so in the same example as above they will just pay 100€. WARNING: the registration process for professionals and companies is not automatic!! If you are a proper european company please register an account including your billing and shipping informations (VAT ID included), and then please forward us an email to asking us to enable your account as professional customer. There are no custom fees within European Community countries.

Non European Community Customers: don't have to pay for VAT (22%), but they eventually have to pay for customs fees.
We cannot modify invoice values in any way or make proforma invoices.
As you place an order and send us the payment, we have to get a customs report for that value from your custom.
There is no way to avoid this process.
We declare all our parcels as mechanical parts.