Nibiru RTA
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Nibiru RTA


A very versatile 22mm atomizer with many features to make your life easier.

Nibiru, the disruption.


Diameter: 22 mm

Height: 33 mm

Chimney/dt inner diameter: 3.5 mm

Drip tip height: 10 mm

Capacity: 2.7 ml

Refill Valve

Quick and convenient top refill, no threads, just rotate the top!

This type of valve doesn't compress the liquid, so there is no additional pressure in the tank and thus no leaking in the chamber while refilling!

We suggest to always rotate the valve counter-clockwise to avoid the opening of the bayonet joint of the tank.


Asteroids are chamber reducer inserts, they completely change the flavour profile of the atomizer.

Think about having 3 atomizers at the price of one, because you’re getting 3 of them as standard!

Two smaller, even more reduced asteroids, are already available as accessories.

They are tool-less as well, so you can easily swap them, in less than 10 seconds, have a look:

In case you were wondering how to swap asteroids without emptying your tank, no worries, check this out: 

If kept upright and not tilted (air level inside it should never reach the bottom holes), you’ll be able to take the tank off the atty to rewick or to swap the asteroid. This is very useful and encourages you to play with the chamber reducers to find your perfect set up.

Straight airflow design

Condensation is not a problem, due to the constant 3,5mm diameter chimney/drip tip assembly.

Airflow choices

Airflow holes from 0.8mm to 1.8mm to suit many different vaping styles, and a convenient retention mechanism that keeps the ring in place.

24mm optional AFC ring is available: this helps adjusting the airflow (this ring is much easier to handle) and it is also great as beauty ring for 24mm mods.

The Deck

A complex part to machine to make it easier for you to build.

Postless with captive grub screws for an easy tightening of the coil legs, with jig support.

Cotton wells to make it easier and to catch the “old liquid”.

A bayonet joint keeps the two halves together, for easy and fast access to the deck.

A peculiar airflow hole, to cool the whole coil and slow its degradation. If you prefer a direct airflow to the coil we also have a nice positive post with a narrower airflow which is even closer to the coil, reducing the hit and giving a completely different feeling of vape.


On the refill valve and the top of the tank there are 3 lines, these are alignment lines to let you know when the atty is closed properly: if you don’t do that, the tank might leak, so make sure those lines are always aligned.

The airflow ring retention mechanism has a little spring and piston in it, they are not captive to allow cleaning of the cavity, pay attention not to lose them during disassembly.

This atomizer has a fair amount of hit, if it’s too much, it’s sufficient to lower the coil by a couple of millimeters.

If you would like a step by step build tutorial and/or more info check this video out: