Classic Series's 510 Connector 22 BF Silver



Best quality 510 connector. Highly conductive, bottom feeder pin, silver plated, 22mm top plate diameter. 

WARNING: this 510 connector isn't compatible with all the Nano Series accessories like contacts, parts and so on.

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Universal Bottom Feeder 510 Connector:

- High conductivity (low voltage drop).

- Leak-free system via o-ring.

- High performance delrin insulator.

- Large contact points for cable terminals or plates.

- Silver plated brass components (3 micron plating thickness).

- Adjustable pin with travel from 3mm to 5.5mm from the top plate. Adjustable with an allen key.

- High quality turning and threading.

- Pin with reverse threading (left-handed threading).

- Technical documentation available in PDF at the bottom of this page.

- This connector is sold in kit form.

- Cable terminals not included.

These 510 connectors differ from the Nano Series 510 connectors mainly for the bigger sizes. Features and parts are very similar.


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